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Do you have great content, but need help with the marketing? Are you gaining traction, but want to to help your client while still retaining work-life balance? NXT CHPTR gives you an effortless and worldwide audience in the comfort of your own home! Group classes defined entirely by each coach to address his or her goals: Large/small classes--up to you; high rate/low rate--up to you; time of day--up to you. We are an extension of your existing coaching model, as personal and unique as you.

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A New Start

We’ve partnered with Simple Steps, an organization that helps immigrant mothers looking to return to work. If you are looking for in-person support and you live in Northern California, Simple Steps is a great place to plot your triumphant return to career. https://www.simplestepscc.org/

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What Our Students Say

Nxt Chptr helps career changers connect to great coaches. Here's what our students have to say.

Bronia Hill

"Bronia's class on developing a personal narrative was very helpful. I really appreciated that she sent a slide deck before the class. After she talked through it during the session it became very actionable. Highly recommend her class."

Carly Janson

"I'd definitely recommend Carly to a friend. She was warm, friendly, personal, and also had great expertise and experience she brought into the session. I would love to work with Carly more!"

Stephanie Freeth

"Stephanie delivered her points well. She set expectations by using an agenda, so everyone knew what was going to be covered."

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