Founder Profiles

To support our community of change seekers, we publish interviews with interesting women who founded businesses & non-profits. These profiles are ten questions and answers that aim to help readers learn about the various business models and touch on the messiness of being an entrepreneur.

We are in the process of turning many of these interviews into a podcast. Please let us know if you would like to be notified when the audio recordings are ready.

Design-Inspired Children’s Pajamas

Conversation with Sana Clegg, Founder, Sunny with an A

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Making Healthcare Records Consumer-Friendly

Conversation with Dr. Rekha Bhandari, CEO & Founder, Dejavu Health

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Returning to Balance

Conversation with Nidhi Pandya, Ayurveda Health Practitioner                                                                                                                                      

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Designing Better Businesses

Conversation with Diana Liu, Founder, and Instigator, The SIX

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Finding the Perfect Match: People & Dogs

Conversation with Mary Ann Zeman, Co-Founder & COO, How I Met My Dog

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Elegant Event Planning

Conversation with Jenny Schneider, Founder, Jenny Schneider Events

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Designing Beautiful & Functional Homes for Families

Conversation with Amanda Barnes, Founder, Amanda Barnes Interiors

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Helping Moms Choose Their Own Adventure

Conversation with Julie Neale, Founder,

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Delivering Birth Control to Your Mailbox

Conversation with Dr. Sophia Yen, CEO & Co-Founder,

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Bringing Blockchain to the Auto Industry

Conversation with Pavana Jain, Chairman, CEO & Co-Founder, SHIFTMobility Inc

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