Founder Profiles

To support our community of change seekers, we publish interviews with interesting women who founded businesses & non-profits. These profiles are ten questions and answers that aim to help readers learn about the various business models and touch on the messiness of being an entrepreneur.

We are in the process of turning many of these interviews into a podcast. Please let us know if you would like to be notified when the audio recordings are ready.

How to Bootstrap an Invention

Conversation with Jessica Bell, Inventor & President, HaloVino®

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On Thriving in the Uncomfortable

Conversation with Jessica Hornbeck, Founder of Big Picture Bookkeeping Inc.

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Designing a Beloved Kids’ Clothing Brand Featuring Simplicity

Conversation with Galyn Bernard, Co-Founder,

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The Importance of Knowing Yourself

A Conversation with Sy Kim, Owner Tiger Box Lunch Restaurant

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How to Start a Media Business with Kohlrabi & Marmite

Conversation with Carolyn Cope, Founder & Publisher of Umami Girl

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Finding the Support You Need & Listening to Oneself

Conversation with Theola DeBose, Co-Founder of GraySide Media Group

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On Being & Finding True Pioneers

A Conversation with Catarina Schwab, Co-Founder & Co-CEO of NPX, Inc.

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How To Turn Personal Experience into a Consulting Practice

A Conversation with Lindsay Terry-Lloyd, Founder of KLIMB Consulting

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Launching an Affordable, Community-Connected & Safe Cosmetics Company

A Conversation with Shawanda Vickers, Founder & CEO of SHOO, LLC

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Building a Life and a Brand Together

Conversation with Lauren Belden, Co-Founder and Chief Creative Cultivator of Belden Barns Farmstead & Winery

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