Founder Profiles

To support our community, we publish interviews with interesting people who founded businesses & non-profits. These profiles consist of ten questions and answers that aim to help readers learn about the various business models and touch on the messiness of being an entrepreneur.

We are in the process of turning many of these interviews into a podcast. Please let us know if you would like to be notified when the audio recordings are ready.

Footed Pajamas Save Lives

Conversation with Sarah Bennison Machiels, Founder, Bennison™

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Using Sleep Deprivation & the Scientific Method

Conversation with Charisse Swartzburg, Founder & Dreamer in Chief, iDreamBest, LLC

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Healthy & Mission-Driven

Conversation with Kristin Richmond, Chairman & CEO, Revolution Foods

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Finding A Niche & Shining a Light

Conversation with Tereska James, President & Founder, Brown Skin Too Foundation

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On Not Feeding Trolls & Saying Yes to Yourself

Conversation with Deva Dalporto, Founder of MyLifeSuckers

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